Intel&reg Compute Stick - 4.06" x 1.46" X 0.47"

Connect. Compute.
It's That Simple.

Intel® Compute Stick

Intel® Inside™ Atom™

Plug the Intel® Compute Stick into the HDMI* port on your monitor or TV to transform it into a fully functional PC. With a powerful and efficient quad-core Intel® Atom™ processor, this device fits virtually anywhere while enabling a seamless PC experience.

Store & Stream

Built-in Wi-Fi lets you access files in the cloud, making it easy to stream data.

Clutter Free

Connect wireless peripherals such as keyboard and mouse with Bluetooth* 4.0.


Ready to go right out of the box with Windows* 8.1 or Linux* pre‑installed.


Start with 32 GB (Windows*) or 8 GB (Linux*) of onboard storage, and add up to 128 GB more via microSD.


Extreme value for digital signage, thin client, entry desktop, and home theater.

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