Meet the Intel® NUC.

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A small footprint.

The Intel® NUC excels wherever space is a high-value commodity, such as digital signage and embedded systems, or simply to clean up your workspace. Futuristic designs and a sleek, compact body make up a PC that is aesthetically appealing and won’t skimp on performance.

The brain
and the brawn.

Supporting the latest 4th generation Intel® Core™ i3 and i5 processors, the Intel® NUC delivers exceptional performance and energy efficiency. The Intel® NUC also supports Intel® Celeron® processors for applications where cost efficiency is the highest priority.

falls into place.

Simplicity of design drives the Intel® NUC philosophy. Easily customize to meet a wide range of needs, from basic workstations to high-end entertainment centers.

Peripherals? We’ve got it covered.

Round out your platform and stay connected to your devices, your network, your world.

A solid player.

Learn more about the Intel® NUC and discover high-value deployment opportunities.

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